My Suber Terrible Uber Adventure

So I decided to be a Uber Driver to make a little extra cash. Uber has excellent marketing and once you have met the friendly and cool drivers you feel like you can be one with no problem. I’m not sure if I am the only one with this extremely embarrassing story about Uber driving, hopefully, what you learn from my story will make me the last.

I had prepared 5 days ahead of time through Google searching of everything “Uber” and everything “Uber driving”.

Google Said

  • Pack your car with gum, hard candy, and water. Check.
  • Have a phone holder to look more professional. Check.
  • Clean your car and make it presentable. Check.

What they didn’t prepare me for was the Uber AND Waze apps crashing the second my riders got into the car or how my nerves decided to all jumble into my stomach.

My First Mistake:

Asking for the address instead of the name of their location and then placing that into the dumbest smartphone app of all Apple Maps.

My Second Mistake:

Not turning up my volume to hear the navigation turns and making not one but two wrong turns (one onto a one-way street)

My Third and Biggest Mistake:

Telling my passengers I had driven Uber before and using the stories I heard from the internet to supplement their curiosity (so unclassy)

We ended up 24 miles away going the complete opposite direction and a 15 minute $11 ride became 54 mins and $49.

I was a flaming hot mess and when I finally got to their destination 3 grown men jumped out and ran for their lives.

My One Victory:

I didn’t cry a single tear!

That is until the next morning when all issues and reasons and embarrassments about (cue intense sobbing with words in between each breath)

“Being-twenty-five-and-not -having-a career-or- good-paying -job-so -I-have-to-drive-for-uber-just-to-pay -to-do-other-things-besides-pay-my-bills.”

I think my next victory with this suber terrible Uber adventure will be when I’m able to laugh instead of cringe at my first and last Uber driving experience.

The ReEducation:

  • Learn your city before you start Uber
  • Ask for the location not the address of your passengers
  • Delete and download your Uber app again if it goes out on you
  • Keep your voice navigation on with the music or practice driving without it
  • Riding with Uber is much easier than driving with them, download the app and get a free ride by using code shirismasue

 Thanks for reading! Do you have an embarrassing story about Uber or am I the only one? Remember this story when you need a good laugh! =) Subscribe to get more giggles sent right to your inbox and comment below!

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