5 Reasons ALL Millennials Need a Bulk Store Membership [+ 4 ways to get your membership on the low]

Hey Millennials, why the heck don’t you have a bulk store membership?   Bulk stores are the perfect place for millennials to get everything they need while saving both time and money! Just because all you see are big “pricy” products and families and businesses walking in and out doesn’t mean bulk stores are out of your […]

4 Reasons Why HN|HL Budgeting is Bae

Half now and half later budgeting for millennials | ReEducated Twenties

  These days twenty-somethings switch jobs frequently, are self-employed with irregular pay schedules or frequently unemployed. Having a fail-safe from possible financial destruction is always needed! I started Half Now and Half Later Budgeting after switching jobs a couple of times and noticing that the 3-week lull between my checks would leave me credit card dependent. […]