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Life prep lifestyle | ReEducated Twenties
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Life Prep lifestyle | Living prepared for the ups and downs of life


Life Prep Lifestyle makes everyday matters easier, more efficient, and a lot less stressful.

It encompasses your eating, dressing, finances, schedule, business, and almost anything else you can plan ahead to save time, money, and sanity.

I began this lifestyle almost 3 years ago to combat my type A personalities’ anxiousness and need for control. I have always been a person who plans for everything out of pure overstrung anxiousness. I don’t do well on my feet, especially if I’m not comfortable with the subject.  You do not want to see me wing anything!

Although my perfectionist tendencies may even make my winging it look good.

I later realized all my planning didn’t just soothe my emotional needs but benefitted everything in my life as I managed and prioritized my time.

Don’t think this will require military-like discipline, it’s really just a mindset shift. When you see the opportunities that are added and the stress that is removed from your life, no amount of laziness will bring you back to the dark side.

A lot of the prepping I do these days come out of necessity.  I currently work 2 jobs in an attempt to pay my student loans off early and retire at 32 ( A woman can dream!). All of them will still be used after my “Hustle Hard” days as they have saved me time, money, and more than likely medical bills from not having any nervous breakdowns.

You can prepare and batch just about anything and the Life Prep Lifestyle series will teach you all my prepping secrets. So you can too!

#LifePrepLifestyle = Living prepared for the ups and downs of life. Try it and no amount of laziness will bring you back!

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1 | Set It and Forget It

But oh Yes You Can!

Life prepping allows you to set up certain systems and forget it, not indefinitely, but long enough for you to get the important things in life done.

I use the set it a forget it technique regularly for things like my 3 Month Meal Prep (Oh the Luxury), Sink Funds, and  my hair. I can forget about these things until I run out, do my yearly evaluation, or I notice it needs upkeep.

The beauty of this method is all the time you gain back from removing menial tasks.

2 | A Minute Saved is a Minute Earned

Where the heck did my day go?

When I didn’t have things prepped, that was my usual face at 10 oclock at night.

It was stressful and overwhelming.

Most days I couldn’t get anything completed and would live in a continuous cycle of half done messes.

Prepping has saved me from that stress cycle.

For instance, instead of going through various outfits for 30 minutes every morning, I set up my outfits on the weekend based off my style and schedule. Life Prep forces you to know your style or make a uniform style (Capsule wardrobing)  and then look at the week ahead to know what you are doing.

I work at a casual startup during the day and a night school at night. I make sure to dress biz casual for the most part and then on Friday’s- the weekend I go full comfort, except my Sunday Best of course.

Having my clothes and hair ( which you will learn about in the next step) set up for the week allows me to get out of the door in 15 minutes or less. So I can either use the extra time I have in the morning to do a devotional and self care or just to sleep in. The beauty!! 🙂

3 | You Have To Say No to Say Yes

Life Prep Life Style forces you to focus on your priorities.

When you know you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to do your hair and pick out your outfit every morning and cook all your meals,you make sure those things are prepped and ready the weekend before.

You may love cooking and having fresh food so maybe you say yes to cooking or eating out , but it will force you to say no to extra time getting your side hustles or other hobbies done.

I currently wear my hair in mini twist and redo my hair every 6- 8 weeks, with touchups in between. Maybe you can’t keep your hiar  in one style for that long and choose to do it everyday or every weekend instead. So you choose a fresh hairdo over having 6 weekends of freedom.

Everyone’s priorites are different,just make sure they fit your lifestyle. Use Life Prep to remove the things you hate wasting time on so you can have more time to do the things you enjoy.

4 | Self-Evaluation is Key

Learning more about your wants and needs is the best part about life prepping. You do not want to meal prep 3 months worth of food you hate. I did once and it felt like torture throwing the freezer burnt food away.

Planning out these aspects of your life requires you to understand and know yourself. I know more about my personal style and preferences than I have ever known before throughout these last couple of years because of the careful evaluation prepping requires you to do as you get started.

If you don’t like an aspect of your prepping, you can change it until it’s perfect for you. Life prepping keeps me focused on improvement and betterment.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!

 Evaluate the ReEducation:

  • Life Prep saves you from stress cycles
  • Life Prep promotes your priorities and gives you more time for them.
  • Life Prep helps you know yourself better.
  • Signup for the Life Prep Lifestyle Email Course coming soon!
  • Keep reading the Life Prep Series and ReEducate your lifestyle.

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