5 MoneyMental Things to Know in Your Twenties

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Your twenties are moneymental to your financial life.

Small bad habits can turn into big money problems later on. Use these fleeting years to build sagacious money habits that will sustain you through the best and worst of times.

Here are 5 truths about money that will make your twenties 10x’s easier and only 2x’s less fun.

It’s always fun for a little while to get what you want when you want it, and how you want it.  The key phrase is a little while. You reap what you sow.

The money path that you walk down today, will without a single doubt affect your tomorrow.

Your twenties is the best time to establish good and lasting money habits.

Many people spend their 30’s and 40’s and sometimes entire life cleaning up the money regrets of their younger years. You don’t have time for that!

It’s best to change your moneymentals now, while the time is right and your mind is still open to truth.


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 MoneyMental Twenties

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1 | Your Reputation is Based on the Value You Bring, Not the Things You Have

Stop thinking that your reputation and value to people and society is in the things you buy. Those things do not define you.

You can end up throwing hundreds of dollars away to billion-dollar businesses to look good to the people around you.

If you want to be remembered, if you want to be beautiful, if you want to make a true difference take the time in your twenties to build your character.

Evaluate yourself and make some changes, take chances, learn 10 new skills, meet hundreds of new people and cultures.

Build those insides, which in all reality is free though it cost a lot in sheer effort, and it will last!  Invest in yourself in your Twenties, not in things that don’t define you anyway.

Some cool things to invest in:

  • Kids | They are our future, volunteer and teach them a thing or two about life
  • Learning a new language | Open up a whole new world
  • Cooking | Will pay you dividends after dividends- The stuff Youtube and Pinterest is made of
  • Building a personal brand and signature
  • Reading 5- 12 books a year | Knowledge is power

Check out this awesome post  by Jon Westenberg on how he makes investing in yourself a lifestyle.

2 | Convenience Isn’t Everything

Don’t get me wrong, ya girl loves convenience when she can get it, but I will not spend $4 on something that I can make for $1.


Coffee, even the best of the best coffee from Trader Joes, cost pennies on the dollar. We spend not $1, not $2, but $4 dollars at coffee shops. Starbucks and every other popular coffee shop are getting rich because we want convenience and status!

Make your coffee at home or at the office. Get on Pinterest to get the Starbucks taste, without the Starbucks price or just wait till it’s free on your birthday!

Anything at a Gas station 

The markup at gas stations is ridiculous. Like 3 times ridiculous.

Plan out your food and snacks so you will never need to walk into a convenience store.

Sagacious Tip |  Never in your life buy boiled peeled eggs, you ought to be ashamed! 😉

Do yourself the biggest financial favor and ask yourself “Can I make this at home or can I get this cheaper at the same or better quality?” , whenever you are about to make a purchase.

I promise you that simple question has saved me hundreds of dollars:

  • Furniture I got from Goodwill instead of from the furniture store (I actually made my own pallet couches-make sure to subscribe learn how on a later post)
  • Clothes I waited to buy when they were 50% off
  • Food I cooked instead buying conveniently or from a money sucking restaurant
  • The coffee I drink for free at work or make at home.
Read this post to find out how much I saved 

#StopandAskYourself  Can I make this myself or get it cheaper with quality? #ReEducatedFinances 

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3 | Money Can’t Buy Love

You want to give your friends, family, and boo the world, but you can’t afford it. Money can’t buy love. Period.

Learn this lesson as soon as possible especially in those gullible early twenties years, when you think “I just want to make them happy.”

You CANNOT buy happiness, peace, and especially love.

Material things are only a temporal happiness and if you are buying love with your money it’s gonna be temporary.

When you run yourself broke or finally say no, those so call friends and that so- call lover will move on to something else that makes them happy.

To go a little deeper if you can’t seem to say no to your friends invites out to spend your hard-earned money, you might need to take a step back and ask yourself are you trying to buy happiness?

Spending time with people doesn’t have to cost money and people loving you shouldn’t have conditions attached.

Evaluate the whys of your spending decisions and see how much of it is emotionally bound.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Is this the best thing for me or for him/her?
  • Where does all my money go every month/year? – Find out with the Reeducated Budgeting Spreadsheets
  • Do I really want to do this/spend this?
  • What would we do if I didn’t spend money?

4 | No is the New Yes

In your Twenties practicing “No!” with money will have you on the road to riches for all your other years.

A lot of people view no as not having fun or missing out.

That is a lie from the depths of hell!  😇

You have to learn how to save and budget your money and prioritize your yes’s.

I had to learn this the hard way! I would say no to everything and hated sitting at home on the weekends to save money. Eventually, I lowered my allowance and decided to put $30 a month to all my yes’s. Now I can have a random brunch or night out, but I don’t get crazy.

Your money mindset and life outlook have to change. I’ve had more fun at a friends house eating a $2 dollar dinner with $3 bottle of wine then anytime out. Temporary fun can end up causing a lifetime of misery.

A healthy dose of No’s has never killed anyone, but I’m pretty sure it’s saved many. #ReEducatedFinances

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Here are some ideas to help with that mindset change:

  • Plan out fun and save up for it, don’t place yourself in debt.  
  • Find the cheapest way to travel, there are so many sites and blogs for cheap traveling .( Frontier, Cheap Flights Now, Hipmonk)
  • Invite your friends over for brunch and dinner. Show off your cooking skills and save everybody $20+ by alternating houses.
  • Use tip #2 to your heart’s content. Learn how to make good coffee and  Meal Prep for “convenience” food
  • Say yes to the things you truly love and prioritize, but have it in moderation.

5 | A Dollar Saved/Invested is a Dollar Earned

Saving money means paying yourself first before bills and basic needs. This was the hardest lesson to learn in my teens and early twenties, I saw no need to put aside any money and I felt like I couldn’t.

That was another lie from the pits of hell!😇

Being “broke” didn’t stop me from dinners out, new clothes, movies, makeup, and wine. Like tip #4 says you don’t have to stop all fun to save money, but you need to do all things in moderation.

God has always blessed me every month with a few extra dollars in my pocket and I cringe thinking what it would be if I had saved it or invested it instead of throwing it away.

Take this golden nugget of wisdom and use it today!

Learn About Saving and Investing:

  • Scroll to the bottom of this post and pick any of those blogs or books to read.
  • Never stop learning-join a financial email list or book group.

Save Your Money:

Invest Your Money:

  • Betterment Easy hands-free investing that can be automated!
  • Personal Capital-A great way to see where your money is coming and going and how your investments are doing!

Build your savings, even if its  $20 a month, it builds upon itself and gives you a beautiful financial conclusion.

Nothing and no one is worth the monumental stress money can bring to your life. Preventative measures now will safeguard your future.

Put down that credit card, save up for those huge purchases, learn to live below your means, and act your wage!

Let’s Evaluate the ReEducation:

  • Your Twenties are monumental to your financial life, use these years wisely
  • Question your mindset with every purchase you make
  • Educate yourself on personal finance and you will be amazed at all the wrong ways you thought about money.
  • Keep reading the Financial Literacy Series for even more financial ReEducation.


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