4 Ways to Rule Your Singledom

Rule your Singledom
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How long have you been running from this word and all its stigmas?

Our society has made being single a mark of the unloved, the unwanted, and the undesirable. When in reality it is a time full of untapped blessings, that only a few wise people see and take advantage of.

If only you would change your viewpoint from the jading negatives to the astounding positives.

We tend to spend singlehood groaning, searching, and stressing. It’s easy to fall into a pit of “Why me’s?” and “Will I ever’s?” when the world makes single seem so bad. Plus when your favorite movies are Anne of Green Gables, Pretty in Pink, and Pride and Prejudice,  finding “true love” is one of the enduring hopes of your heart.

But the heart is deceptive (and a little dramatic) and most times it needs a good washing with the truth and soothing with wisdom.

Singlehood is a beautiful time full of personal development, intense growth, and service to others.  As I’ve grown into my womanhood I’ve learned to take full reign of my singledom and it’s amazing benefits. Keep reading to find 4 ways to reign on until your precious singledom comes to an end

Rule Your Singledom

1 | Use your time wisely

Stop moping in your singleness and loneliness. You have the most time of anybody on earth. Get out there and have some fun!

Put down Netflix and that ice cream filled spoon! Go find an adventure!

An adventure doesn’t even have to be outside your house. My best adventures have been in personal development. I love it! I set goals and push myself to reach them.

Find a passion and fulfill it.  Stop wasting time, it’s way too precious!


2 | Find yourself

You can experiment and learn so much about yourself during your singlehood. This is what ReEducated Twenties is all about! Learning about and becoming your best self is such a beautiful process.

At the moment I am trying natural toothpaste and deodorant ( to my mother’s dismay!)  It’s been an interesting journey because sometimes the deodorant doesn’t work and I’m left peevishly embarrassed, but motivated to try another one. Or told by my mother to stop, as she loves me enough to smell and tell. 😅

I  have also dedicated myself to meal prepping, blogging, podcast learning, and personal development.

I wouldn’t have as much time and energy to invest in these things if I was busy worrying about a  husband and kids. I do want that one day and even tomorrow would be great (Yes, God I’m talking to you! ), but I’m not going to let my future desires affect my present happiness.

Things I’ve Learned:

  • How to better deal with people and relationships
  • Replacing self-hate with self-love
  • My true passions and vision for my life
  • My signature style in hair, makeup, and dress.

Time alone allows you to evaluate yourself and make needed changes that can make a positive impact on the rest of your life.

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Finding yourself is such a blessing, revel in that!


3 | Help Others

God had my singleness all planned out. He has brought person after person into my life to help me stretch and grow and vice versa.

Especially darling women.

At first, I let my pride get in the way of these relationships because I didn’t understand that they were sent my way for a reason. When I finally realized my assignment, it brightened my life and gave me more meaning.

People need friends, loving advice, and someone to point them in the right direction.

As a single lady, you have the time in your schedule to show a lot of love. Love that can change lives!

Grab a group of ladies, especially the singles who want to mingle, and love on them deeply! Push all the shyness and selfishness aside and let people get into your life and then get into theirs. People need that, they just don’t like asking for it.

A loving friend does the heart good, a loving group of friends makes life all the sweeter.


4 | Start Something Amazing

What do you really want to do in life?

What makes your heart jump, ideas flow, and mind tingle?

If you are single, nothing can hold you back! You don’t have to follow any schedule but yours. This is the best time to find something you could enjoy for the rest of your life.

Be it learning how to hustle yourself out of a day job or pursuing your childhood passion, start it now! Everything else will fall into place.

Being single is a blessing. Being single is a gift. Rule your singledom!

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 When you are focused on the opportunities that being single provides you won’t have time to worry about being single.

Evaluate the ReEducation:

  • Make every hour count
  • Find yourself: priorities, values, convictions
  • Invest in the people around you and you could change a life
  • Change the world by living out your  amazing idea that only you can bring about
  • Rule your Singledom!

 Thanks for reading, I hope this inspired all the single ladies! Do you have more ways to rule your singledom? Subscribe to get more post like this sent right to your inbox and comment below!

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